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Farmington Achieves

While we continue to highlight our current athletic teams and celebrate our storied sports history, we’re proud to announce a new feature that will showcase prominent FHS alumni that were superstars in the classroom and are winning in the professional world, entitled Farmington Achieves.

From college professors to industrial designers and everything in between, Farmington High School continually churns out students that are built to succeed in the real world and we want to show you just how #FarmingtonAchieves.

Kristen Varney

From the halls of Farmington High School to the laboratories at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Kristen Varney, Ph. D. personifies how Farmington Achieves. A 1991 graduate of FHS, Varney’s path to becoming an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Maryland has been one of exploration, perseverance and determination. READ MORE >>